About Breathe Strong Training

"People have differing preconceptions about 'breathing training'. For some, the association is with clinical rehabilitative techniques that help people to re-learn efficient, diaphragm-focussed breathing; for others, it conjures up associations with techniques that claim to increase everything from your maximal oxygen uptake, to your IQ. Unfortunately, ‘breathing’ is an area that’s become associated with a great of deal pseudo-science, populated by unqualified people, often making outlandish claims. For example, I came across a website recently that provided a case study of a customer who had practiced a particular breathing technique (being promoted by the website), which had apparently led directly to the customer being promoted at work (I kid you not). This is the kind of thing that gets breathing training a bad name. But I’m here to repair the damage."

Professor Alison McConnell, PhD, FACSM, FBASES
Author "Breathe Strong, Perform Better"

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