Thursday 14 March 2013

FREE half day research seminar on Breathing Training hosted by Brunel University

Frontiers in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine:

"Mechanisms underlying improvements in exercise tolerance following inspiratory muscle training"

This free seminar will focus on the respiratory system, but will provide attendees with a “feast” of integrative physiology. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses now confirm that inspiratory muscle training (IMT) improves exercise tolerance in both healthy people, and people with lung and/or heart disease. Accordingly, the focus of research on IMT is now shifting from“if”, to “how”, exercise tolerance improves. The seminar will begin with an introductory overview of the history of IMT, the "state of the art", and the rationale for each of three putative mechanisms for the ergogenic effect of IMT (given by Prof Alison McConnell). The physiology of each mechanisms will be described by a leading expert in the field:

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Mechanism 1 - Modulation of metaboreflex activation originating from respiratory muscles leading to preserved muscle blood flow after IMT. Dr Lee Romer, Brunel University
Mechanism 2 - Modulation of afferent feedback from respiratory muscles leading to reduced central fatigue after IMT. Dr Emma Ross, University of Brighton
Mechanism 3 - Alteration of the demand/capacity relationship of the respiratory pump in favour of capacity leading to amelioration of breathing effort after IMT. Dr Caroline Jolley, King's College, University of London.

The seminar will close with a panel discussion of the morning’s presentations, leading to the identification and/or prioritisation of the most important research questions for IMT, and how these might be answered.

The seminar deals with the integrative physiology of the respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular and neural systems, and will consider both healthy and patient populations. It will therefore be of interest to academics and post-graduate students in exercise and sports physiology, as well as clinicians working in cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Wednesday 24th April 2013 - 0900-1300

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