Sunday 15 April 2012

Breathe Strong App available at the iTunes Store

This week saw the launch of the first Breathe Strong App in the iTunes Store.

If you’re an existing subscriber to my Blog, you’ve visited, you bought my book (thanks!), or you use a POWERbreathe®, you already know that breathing training is quickest and easiest way to improve your performance, and reduce perceived exertion.

The new Breathe Strong App provides a comprehensive, but convenient guide to optimising your breathing training. It’s packed with information and tips, and also provides a user programmable breathing pacer and counter. This function can not only be used to optimise your breathing training, but can also help you build breathing control during other workouts. Use the pacer to regulate your breathing during the workout to build good breathing habits - replace all that “puffing and panting” with deep, slow, controlled breathing.

The new App also provides some of my “top tips”, drawn from 20 years of research, and over 15 years of working in elite sport.

The App is priced at just £1.49, and gives you access to the following secrets of optimal breathing training on your iPhone or iPad –  

·      Optimal breathing technique
·      Setting the training load
·      Optimising repetition failure
·      The influence of concurrent training
·      Progressing training
·      The Prof’s  ‘Top Tips’

Just visit the iTunes App store and search using "Breathe Strong". Please feel free to post your comments about the App here, and we'll do our best to incorporate your suggestions in future updates.

The launch of the Android version will be announced within the next few weeks.

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